I'm a Documentarian - That means I tell stories through the images I take.

I wonder;  When you are talking to your guests at your wedding will you notice that adoring look your new husband is giving you from across the room? when you are nursing that brand new little person will you remember how you gently fiddle with his beautiful downy hair, when your toddler suddenly starts dancing to his favourite michael jackson track will you recall how that made you all laugh out loud? when you are carrying that precious new life within you are you able to see how you glow with anticipation and love?

If you want to preserve SPECIAL memories like these and record those moments that would otherwise be lost to create a beautiful catalogue of stories for your children and your family then I think I can help you make a start. 

I believe in creating a rich legacy of images that can spark memories and emotions and transport you back in time. let's create that together....

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I’m writing this post on the eve of my eldest daughters birthday. Tomorrow at precisely 6.49 in the evening she will become a teenager and it is making me somewhat uneasy. Uneasy because I am standing on a precipice of what a lot of parents of teenagers that I know have led me to believe...... Read More



"Thank you so much, the photos are gorgeous. you have captured the children fabulously"

Photographer specialising in Newborn Baby Photography in Surrey, Kingston & Twickenham

I am an experienced Natural Light Photographer who specialises in maternity, newborn, family and wedding photography in Surrey, Kingston, Twickenham and the surrounding areas. My thorough understanding of capturing images that will tell a story  enables me to produce beautiful photographs that show real connections that help retain memories of those moments perfectly. Through an in depth understanding of light and composition I am able to reflect these perfect moments with your family in one photo.

If this sounds like the service you are looking for please send me a message and lets chat about it.

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