Meet Harry!

Meet Harry.

A tiny little bundle with cheeks to smuggle a larder in.

Hair that my husband for one is very jealous of.

Two big sisters that adore him and smother him with kisses.

A Mummy and Daddy whose lives have become a much brighter places to be since he arrived.


A few weeks back I blogged about a special friend of mine.  (read here) The heartbreak and struggle with having babies will never stray far from her mind but with little Harry in the house, life is good, albeit somewhat hazy through sleep deprivation! Harry is quite literally perfect and could not have been more welcomed into the family. A family who have for so long wished for his arrival are now finding it difficult to believe there was a life before he came!

3 thoughts on “Meet Harry!

  1. Children are a blessing from the Lord and you can see that with this gorgeous Harry. With much love from a mum with eight blessings and twenty grand blessings! xx

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