A Sonny Disposition!

I’m embarrassed to say that although this little chap was born in February I have only just got around to processing his photos…Work has been hectic and typically just as I announce that I need to wind down in time for baby, my work load seems to have ramped up and poor little Sonny ended up at the bottom of the pile…ooops!

Luckily I have very patient and understanding sisters who know that eventually they will see images of their little ones…even if their little ones are no longer little.

This set of photos were taken in the literally the last few moments of my brief trip up to Wales when my nephew was just a few days old…a perfectly timed trip I might add as I received a call the morning before we were due to leave that little Sonny had arrived so we had a particularly excited road trip with a brief stop to the airport to pick up my parents and then up to see the new arrival.

I only spent a day there so capturing this little one was always going to be a challenge and it very nearly didn’t happen but he fell fast asleep just before I was due to leave and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to get some snaps. The sun poured through the window behind the sofa and created a very appropriate back drop and I snapped away.

I have not seen Sonny since but with the magic of Facebook I don’t feel like I have missed a moment of him growing and this weekend I get to see him again and give him a big squeeze…and I will have my camera at the ready to capture him again. So I will post an update of him but for now here he is merely 3 days new!

IMG_4918IMG_4928IMG_4916IMG_4991 IMG_4985 IMG_4974 IMG_4972bw IMG_4970 IMG_4965bw IMG_4962 IMG_4956 IMG_4950 IMG_4948 IMG_4941 IMG_4937bwIMG_4998bw IMG_5003 IMG_5020 IMG_5026 IMG_5028bw

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  1. So beautiful as always Abigail. I particularly love the ones of him asleep on his mum’s shoulder and that divine close up of his little toes. Well done!!

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