About: Creating a Legacy

I believe in creating a rich legacy for my children.
I believe that taking photographs not just of the big moments but also of the smaller, less significant ones too can fill all those gaps in my children's memories so they can be filled and refreshed whenever they need.
I am passionate about taking photographs that truly demonstrate not only the joys but also the struggles of motherhood and family life.
I believe that in doing this I am giving my children the greatest treasure I can and that it will hold far more value than any monetary inheritance I can leave them when I am no longer around.
I believe that existing in photographs is one of the very best ways you can remind your children of how loved they are.
I believe that photographs can give you the richest of memories and take your mind to deeper places than a therapy session could ever reach.
I believe that a photo album will be the one book your children will choose to look at over and over again above any other.
I believe that having family portraits on your wall can enforce a feeling of worthiness, value and confidence in your children.
I know that waiting to lose weight before having your photo taken because you don't like how you look right now is a mistake that could cost your children the decent and tangible evidence that you were present in their childhood, especially as your children love you regardless and unconditionally.
I believe that everyone is photogenic especially when they display genuine moments of affection and connection with their loved ones.
All of these things are incredibly important to me.
If you believe that these things are important to you as well please get in touch with me and together we can start to create a legacy for your children too.