And We’re off….

Hello world!!

Ok, so I figured I needed a more serious looking blog spot to help launch this photography lark. I think it is something I really want to do and have had the most amazing support from friends and family who have been so encouraging and told me to ‘go for it’ with regards to starting up a photography business…and as much as I love them all dearly I also think if I wore my t shirt inside out and back to front they would all tell me I looked great  – So I figured I need some practise clients to ease me in gently…enter Lyndsay and her gorgeous little baby Tilly.

To say I was nervous is an understatement! But one month old Tilly was an absolute star..she started off very awake and alert, lots of beaming smiles and wriggles and then after a bit of milk and a soothing cuddle with mummy she fell into a glorious little sleep and lay like a little angel whilst we arranged various accessories on and around her…oh she looked sooo cute!

Thank you Lynsday for allowing me to photograph her..I hope to capture her again and possibly her 2 big brothers soon.

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