Blue for a boy or Pink for a girl!

We have had a busy time recently… and that’s not to say that we are generally not busy because I am yet to meet a mum of 3 who has nothing to do but we seem to have packed in a LOT of activity into a small amount of time and so I have not had a lot of head space to consider our recent news…

Last week we went for our 20 week scan! I can’t believe this marks half way already which in itself is very exciting, but I HATE scans. They fill me with crippling anxiety and restless sleep days before them. Past experience has taught me never to get too comfortable when it comes to pregnancy and more times than I care to relay I have laid on that bed in that dimly lit room only to hear that devastating phrase “I’m so very sorry Mrs Fahey” A gentle pat on the leg and a reassuring squeeze from my husbands hand were never enough really to take away that pain. So scans fill me with angst and trepidation and this one was no different. Luckily we had been given an early time slot so I had little time in the morning to wind myself into a frenzy of worry. My name was called and I nervously went through into the little room, the lights were turned down and I got on the bed. Within minutes our perfect little baby came into view, fidgeting and wriggling away as the sonographer gently explained the measurements and checks she was performing. Perfect could not be a more perfect way to describe this little one, everything I had hoped for was there on that screen wiggling around, everything was in proportion and growing correctly and I was relieved and blessed and grateful all at the same time and in abundance. Towards the end of the scan following a short period of having to get up and walk around to move the baby into a different position to do the rest of the checks the sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the sex of the baby. We looked at each other and said “Yes”! simultaneously.

I had no preconceptions of what we were going to have…I had thought about it obviously but in my head it was difficult to form an identity with the baby…to me it was just a baby to love and gender was irrelevant but for the sake of the children we felt to introduce them to the idea of what to expect sooner rather than later would be good for us all. So after the scan and a few texts to tell all that everything was fine we set off the the shops to by an outfit to celebrate.

Now i’m the first to admit I have a habit of over complicating things and elaborate projects continuously play out in my head so my idea on how to convey our news to the children obviously could not be as simple as just walking through the door and announcing it…..No.No.No..We are greeted by an extremely eager 8 yr old desperate to know her fate…will she become the elder sister to 3 naughty boys or will she get a little baby doll to dress up in pink and frills…?

“give me half an hour” I say to Adam as I dash with my shopping into my office to prepare for the big reveal…he smiles and rolls his eyes, after 10 years of marriage he knows only too well not to get involved or question my acutely strange approach and let me wander off. I’m not being deliberately annoying but I do like to create lasting memories for the children and us and an occasion like this is just too good to pass up!

Finally I am ready…armed with my trusty camera and some supporting props. I gather the children on the sofa who are by now bursting with anticipation, I explain my intentions and well….this is what happened…


[vimeo w=398&h=224]



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