DANGER!…..Information Overload

I’m getting dangerously close to saturation point. My brain feels like it is ready to combust. I’m dreaming about camera settings and baby posing. I’m obsessing over blankets and beanbags, I need help. Soon.

I have been so so privileged recently to spend some time in the company of 2 incredible photographers that I have admired for such a long time. Both specialise in the most exquisite newborn photography, you know the type of images that make you cry and you have no idea why…that’s what they do, all.the.time. Both are incredibly generous and truly inspiring ladies. It just so happened that they came to London within 2 weeks of each other and I simply could not let the opportunity pass by without grabbing a seat on their workshops and attempting to soak up some of that amazing creativity, whilst trying desperately not to look or act like some weird stalker.

The first workshop I attended was by Anya from Anya Maria Photography . When she came to the UK 2 years ago I was so determined to get to her workshop my only dilemma was that I was heavily pregnant and her workshop was taking place on my due date! I was gutted when I found out and resigned myself to the fact I was just never going to make it. But in a fabulous twist of fate I went into labour 6 days early and it just so happened that Anya was after a newborn model so I happily obliged and I took my 5 day old baby to London (with the help of my gorgeous friend Emma) I was mesmerised by the way she took control of her session, handled my baby with such care and took the most precious photos of her that I will treasure forever. But in the sleep deprived haze of Clemmie’s recent arrival I didn’t really have the opportunity to take in very much. 2 years on, and admittedly still a little sleep deprived I took myself to her workshop once again this time not with a baby model but as a student eager to learn. 2 intense days of photo shoots and discussion. I met gorgeous fellow photographers that i feel so privileged to have spent time with.

2 weeks later I’m off on the workshop trail again this time with the beautiful Kristen Cook. This lady could not have been more lovely, welcoming and generous. Kristen’s attention to detail and willingness to share all her knowledge was overwhelming and her workshop has sent me into a spin.

I need to take stock, I need to re read my notes, maybe make a few changes to the way I work, nothing drastic but enough to insure I am offering my existing and potential clients the very best I can give. I’m not sure where to start, so whilst I contemplate my next direction I will leave you with my images from these totally inspiring days.

Apologies in advance for the gratuitous over sharing of images – yes it is on the list of the things I need to work on!!

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