Dear Baby….

I have never hidden the fact that I LOVE babies, especially brand new ones. I love everything about them, that new baby smell, that tiny little cry ( or loud ‘gonna make your ears bleed’ howl if you are talking about my youngest!), those funny expressions they make in their sleep, their sneezes and grunts, the little milk blister they get on their lips after hours of feeding and the fact that they pull their legs up and snuggle in for a cuddle. I LOVE ALL THAT!

What I especially love though is when a surprise baby comes along. A baby who was hoped for but never dreamed was possible, a real miracle.

A few months ago a very good friend of mine announced she was expecting but told me “don’t get too excited…I’m not, it might never happen”….I took a small gulp and tried and say the most encouraging and positive things I could think of all the while at the back of my mind I knew those horribly familiar feelings of self preservation when it comes to dealing with pregnancy. That dreaded scan when every ounce of you is willing everything to be ok but deep down you know it is all over before its had a chance to begin. Pregnancy is no walk in the park – well at least it never has been for me…experiencing heartache in getting pregnant, staying pregnant, being pregnant and giving birth makes the whole process one long worry, and when people tell you that you are ‘blooming’ and all you can think is you must be blooming mad to put yourself through all this again. However this particular story did not end in sadness and grief, because the 3 month scan came and all was well! There were plenty more scans and scares to follow but this little miracle baby had every intention of making it into the big wide world…and we are so very glad he did!

A few weeks before he arrived though my very talented friend Lucy and I decided that the imminent arrival of this very special baby was worth a celebration and decided to throw a baby shower. Now give me an excuse to theme and decorate a party and I will be all over it and this occasion was no different. Lucy and I put our ideas together and got creative with some vintage toys and a few tea sets. The weather was blisteringly hot and the obligatory bad taste baby shower games gave us all a giggle. We celebrated in the sunshine and toasted to a wonderful mummy and made wishes for a very special baby boy.

Congratulations Jo and Ant on your amazing little baby boy…..and welcome to the world baby Harry! xxxxx

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  1. Darling daughter, I love what you have written about your friend Jo and her little son is so beautiful! Congratulations to the parents of this amazing little miracle. He reminds me again of my eight beautiful miracles and how blessed we have been. Love you very much , Mum xxx

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