Fantastic Mr Fox

“I understand what you’re saying, and your comments are valuable, but I’m gonna ignore your advice.”
― Roald DahlFantastic Mr. Fox

Today is world book day!

And how apt it is that my son chose to be Fantastic Mr Fox!

Chester has a real affiliation with this character and is fascinated by the book…the charm and wiley behaviour of Mr Fox and his clever and sneaky antics have a profound resonance with him…

Chester you see has the most amazing imagination, his story telling is quite extraordinary and his knack of delivering these tales with such conviction leaves his audience confused…as they know what he is saying can not be true however Chester is so convincing they will it to be so. Recently whilst sitting in the back of my good friend Emma’s car he managed to distract her with a story about achieving the highest certificate available in Karate – even though he has never attended a karate class in his life! – and was honoured with not just a black belt but a ‘rainbow’ one instead! She was so entranced by his tale that she took the wrong exit off the round about and ended up on the M25 heading for Reigate…we were on our way to Dorking!!!

I have written before about Chester and his disarming ways (see here for extract from my previous poorly neglected blog!)

He frequently uses this technique as a clever way to get himself out of trouble, his brain doesn’t stop for a second, and when I am talking to him he has a way of looking like he’s listening yet I know that whatever is going on in that little head is not really bothered with mundane daily chores like putting on shoes and picking up dirty laundry from the floor of his bedroom…because all he is thinking about are huge battles, smoke, taking chase, covert operations…..true adventure!

So you see Mr Fox and Chester are not all that disimilar, both are hugely creative in their story telling and their charm and quick wit is what frequently gets them out of trouble! Just!

Thank you Mr Dahl for inspiring my 7yr old…

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One thought on “Fantastic Mr Fox

  1. Love this, with Chester’s storytelling skills he will be the next Roald Dahl.. That’s after he’s finished beating the Karate grand master with his Rainbow belt and as long as the black Dragons don’t get involved, because then he will have to do his illegal move on them! I could go on.
    Funny boy.

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