Fearless Felix the Fantastic!

I was working this morning, I had a few blissful hours where I get to do what I love, take photos of a gorgeous family in a beautiful setting. All too quickly my time is up and I leave the tranquil backdrop, say goodbye to my super family and head home to my crazy one…I’m greeted at the door by Spiderman! The house is in utter devastation so although I am a bit weary I proceed to do a quick tidy up and then thought I would reward myself with a cup of tea and hide myself away from the remaining mess in my quiet lounge to enjoy a sit down and a film. Why on earth I thought for one second I would get away with that I don’t know….. I was never any good at hide and seek.

I think I took in about 5 minutes of the plot before Felix arrived at my side, interrupted play and became the entertainment instead! The costume had been the first item of clothing he picked out this morning…he has barely taken it off since it was given to him yesterday..and was begrudgingly peeled off him last night to be replaced by batman pajamas, but quickly back on almost as soon as he opened his eyes at 5.30am this morning!…I KNOW!!

‘I’m going to do a show’ he announces from behind the sofa. He stands up on makeshift step made out of precariously placed books inside his wagon that he has parked next to the sofa and launches himself head first over the top towards the floor.

‘Ta Da!’…I clap. He goes around to the back of the sofa to repeat this awesome trick. That was the extent of his ‘show’ then he moved on to something else. A juice break perhaps, then a bit more sofa diving, then a little explore under the glass coffee table raising my blood pressure as he goes, the exposed and sharp looking corners of said table are dangerously close to his head.  He is in the ‘adult lounge’ with adult furniture, completely unsuitable for games and children come to that but we are there never the less. Next a bit of floor swimming, for which goggles are essential. Then a bit of relaxing, the tv always looks best with goggles on anyway. This is followed by some planking on the sofa then we are back to tv except this time viewing from on top of the coffee table…yes the glass one!! Are you exhausted yet? All this activity in one short hour…that is what it is like living with a Felix! He is a little ball of red haired rocket fuel and literally does.not.stop …until he passes out. So I give up on watching the film and grab my camera instead, I have to capture this energy..if only I could bottle it!


Even when I was pregnant with him he never stopped wriggling, I should have known then what we were letting ourselves in for! He is constantly dressed as a super hero with amazing and wonderful secret agent skills, he eats standing up, he sleeps sideways in his bed, he has the loudest ‘make your ears bleed’ cry, he is forever running around or walking backwards, he wakes early and sings or shouts at the top of his voice that he is ‘awake now’, but best of all he smothers me with kisses when I least expect it and tells me how much he loves me. How wonderful is that!

I love him desperately and I wouldn’t change him for the world…… but sometimes I do wish he would slow down, just a bit! IMG_9211 IMG_9214 IMG_9217 IMG_9222 IMG_9224 IMG_9225 IMG_9234 IMG_9240 IMG_9242 IMG_9245 IMG_9247 IMG_9250 IMG_9253 IMG_9254IMG_9260 IMG_9279 IMG_9276 IMG_9274 IMG_9269 IMG_9264IMG_9286 IMG_9284 IMG_9280


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