From here to maternity

Whilst I was pregnant with my fourth child I was lucky enough to have a very good friend and fantastic photographer Emma Morgan take some maternity shots of me..I had never had them done before and never will again – no really 4 is enough for me! She wanted to take me out into the late sunshine and practise a few poses and a bit of gorgeous sun flare and I was all too happy to oblige. I realised that the photos I have of my previous pregnancies are not so great…I look awkward, self conscious, I never wanted to capture on camera how vulnerable and unattractive I felt…It was easy enough for me to shy away from the camera as I was pretty much always behind one anyway so I had the perfect excuse but I wish I hadn’t. I wish I had been bold enough to get some shots done properly by someone who could show me just how beautiful and wonderful being pregnant can be. I missed my chance with my other children so I am so grateful for the ones Emma took.

In those first few months after Clementine was born I had an opportunity to do something I never normally do..Sit Down! Feeding her gave me the best reason to sit quietly and take stock…I had time to think, read a little and catch up on several blogs and a few online workshops I had been desperate to see. Suddenly I was inspired. Inspired to take my business somewhere specific, inspired to create a portfolio that I would be proud to show off and ultimately inspired to create images that document the magnificence of pregnancy and the beauty of a newborn baby.

So as Clementine’s feeds got quicker and further apart my sitting down time was being diminished, the children were back to school after their summer break so I set to work again. I appealed for some maternity models that I could photograph to use for my promotional material and the response was overwhelming. I booked in 4 models and set up my studio ready for them. My principle aim was to create a maternity session that made them all feel at ease in front of the camera and ultimately beautiful. I thoroughly enjoyed my day of shooting and the challenge to pose them in such a way that showed off those beautiful bumps to the utmost.

It’s a huge privilege to photograph women like this and to help capture the miracle of pregnancy and the bonus is knowing that in the few short weeks that follow a shoot like this I could be holding those babies ready to capture those precious first moments of a new life too.


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