Hat Trick

Gabby, Juliette and I have been friends forever ( real bff’s as my 8 yr old like to say)…. well since university actually which I am horrified to admit was over 18 yrs ago! So yes pretty much forever! They are solid, dependable, loyal and incredibly supportive and my life has been made richer for them which is why the recent arrival of baby Darcey is so exciting right now.

You see after a long time waiting for a baby Juliette fell pregnant last year, within 3 months I too announced with a bit of surprise that I was also expecting…in the excitement/shock both Juliette and I looked at Gabby and said…’now all we need is for you to get pregnant too Gabby’. This was easier said than done as Gabby had been trying for a while and encountering those all too common and so upsetting losses. She shrugged and graciously said ‘yes that would be amazing’.

A month later she was pregnant!  3 best friends and 3 new babies, Hat Trick!!! …it doesn’t get much better does it?….. well actually it does because we all had girls….now not that the gender matters that much as I absolutely adore little boys and I know that both Ju and Gabby would have been equally happy with boys too but the fact that we all had girls that can grow up together and become as firm friends as we are is pretty amazing.

Darcey arrived exactly a month after Clementine with a shock of Auburn hair (we are still a bit confused as to where that came from!) and beautiful blue eyes. She is the apple of her big sisters eye and we can’t wait for the babies to grow and play together. So here is our little trio of beauties… Eva, Clementine and Darcey…the next generation and hopefully real bff’s too!


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