I don’t do weddings!

“I’m really sorry, I don’t do weddings”, is what I generally reply to most wedding enquiries. WHY? Because they scare the b’jeebus out of me! I am slowly but surely gaining confidence with my shoots and now I am at a stage where I get butterflies…but good ones, ones that make me want to nail those shots. But wedding butterflies…whooaaa, those bad boys feel more like I have been starved of oxygen at high altitude and asked to free jump of a cliff top… I’m talking serious nerves.

Having said that I LOVE WEDDINGS…I mean I seriously do…and I can not help but take my camera with me. It’s the perfect forum, pretty things everywhere, smiley faces, beautiful backdrops, it makes the most amateur photographer re think a composition to get the best shot. They are ace.

So the morning of my cousins wedding whilst I am sharing the bathroom mirror with 2 of my sisters and there is enough hairspray to cause a poisonous gas alert my phone rings! Well it bleeps actually, we are in the deepest darkest Wales and the signal was rubbish! It was my cousin..The Bride! In all the wedding confusion we had not really spoken about photos, she is asking for me to go to her hotel to take some shots of her getting ready..Eeek! I was not properly prepared. My camera was ready to go but was I…aside from the half hair do.. not really. We discussed when she would be ready and I gave myself a bit of time to think about some shots, I finished getting ready and got in my car, not really knowing where I was going.

I drive along a bumpy single lane track up to the.most.stunning.building.ever. I park and look up…I can hear squeals coming form the brides bedroom and my nerves kick in again, but at the same time I am so excited to see her, to see The Dress…. I race up to the room and do my thing, a midst being caught in a veil dilemma and having to use some pretty scary looking scissors…don’t ask! I shoot away in a very limited amount of time.” Please tell me you have a photographer” I ask her…not ready to be given the task of shooting the entire wedding. “yes, yes, She will be at the church, I just wanted some shots of me here” I relax a bit.

She is finally ready and we leave in convoy..I say convoy I actually felt at one stage like I had accidentally joined a welsh rally, never has my poor car been put through its paces trying to keep up with the lead car carrying all the bridesmaids! We arrive, I see a photographer waiting at the church gates to take over from me…phew!

I enter the most beautiful little church popped on a hillside in the middle of nowhere…seriously! “She’s coming” I whisper to my sister and we glance to the door excitedly as she makes her entrance.

Knowing that I was not responsible for the entire wedding photography was a huge relief and I was able to snap away to my hearts content not really worrying who was going to see the shots..I played with my settings – churches are always so dark!- and just enjoyed the day…thoroughly.

So here is my record of what happened that day. 1 x beautiful bride, 1 x immensely proud bridegroom, 1 x relieved photographer and 100 (give or take) x very happy guests!

Congratulations Leonie and Ian and Thank You for a truly super day!

8 thoughts on “I don’t do weddings!

  1. WOW Abigail, these are so beautiful. The bride is stunning, her dress amazing, the vibrant bridesmaids dresses perfect! The location – oh my goodness. I love the image of them both kneeling at the altar. So many perfect shots you have captured of their day. And I loved your words too. Amazing amazing amazing!

  2. You don’t do weddings…. but you definitely could if you wanted to…. these are just gorgeous and I bet your cousin just loves them. You have captured such precious moments of their special day.

  3. Super lovely cuz, I reckon with a bit more practice like this you’ll be ready to be main photog for a wedding for real in no time! I know what you mean though, in many ways dealing with babies and children is FAR easier than dealing with a bridezilla 😉

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