I nominate YOU for a selfie….

I have been so moved by the recent phenomena of the No Make Up Selfie…. Women all over the globe pushing themselves far out of their comfort zones to produce and post images of themselves that they would never normally share with close friends let alone an entire facebook audience, but they have set aside their inhibitions and self consciousness for a great and worthy cause.

Last week as I watched my Facebook news feed fill up with these images I knew it was only a matter of time before I was nominated to do my bit. The donation I gave willingly, but to be honest the photo….not so much….

I did it because I believed in the cause, I did it because I wanted to do my bit and play my part in the fight against Cancer.

But it got me thinking…why is it that we are happy to get in front of an iPhone without make up and in poor lighting to take a poor quality photo to upload for the world to see yet we hesitate to jump into a shot with full make up and pretty light to produce images of ourselves that our children will cherish for years to come? We make poor excuses about the need to do our hair or lose weight because we are self conscious about how we look yet the children who are going to cherish those images don’t see you like that.

I am passionate about my photography, but more than that I am passionate about capturing real emotion and real moments, pausing time for just a bit to create memories for life but that can only happen fully when i’m including mums and dads in my shoots. It is so so important to have that record that your were there in the moment with your children, not on the periphery hiding behind the camera.

When the lovely Nomita from the fantastic blog Ebabee Likes asked me to collaborate on a post for Mothers Day I knew what the subject needed to be about. I went over to her beautiful flat armed with my camera to capture some images of her and her gorgeous 5 yr old daughter Anya. You can read all about here.. 

Nomita had discussed the shoot before with me and had mentioned that she was pretty self conscious and didn’t much like having a photo taken, I reassured her confidently like I do most mums that I would pose her in a way to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera and would flatter her. I wanted to produce natural shots that would really demonstrate her wonderful relationship with Anya. This is my job, I do this a lot but I’m also conscious that I ask self conscious mums to pose for me but I don’t often experience it for myself… I do try to get in the odd photo but its not always easy to set up so I had to get pro-active and make it happen. Last weekend I took the bull by the horns and set up a little shoot of my own at home. I set my camera to the optimum settings and handed it over to my bewildered and rather frightened looking husband and instructed him to ‘just keep pressing the shutter, you are bound to produce something I can use’!! He did me proud… I sat on my bed surrounded by my crazy children and he took photos that I and they will treasure.

So I am starting a campaign and I AM NOMINATING YOU , Each and every mother… Don’t wait…. This Mothers Day have a photo taken of yourself with your children, put yourself for once in front of the lens and show me and everyone else how to exist in photographs for your children.



If you play along please post your photo on instagram or Facebook on Mothers Day wight he following hash tags #existinphotographsforyourchildren #mothersdayselfie and nominate another mum….I will be posting mine here

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