Looking back at 2016

little girl on bed backlit window

You have heard it said and you have read many times recently no doubt that it has been a tricky year, we've all been delivered a few hefty blows which will take sometime to get used and most people cannot wait to see the back of 2016. When I look back at the images I created this year however I see no evidence of the pain and angst, none of the disbelief, none of the disappointment and worry. It sounds super cheesy but all I see are things that live beyond Brexit and Trump. I see moments of real and beautiful connection, I see time spent together with loved ones, I see the celebration of a new life and new hope. Documenting these moments has been a true highlight for me in 2016. Capturing these memories for clients that have trusted me has been an absolute privilege and I can't wait to do more in 2017.


If you're planning to make 2017 the year you update your family album please give me a call!

Happy New Year!

X. A

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