May the Fourth be with you!

So I haven’t done many posts recently and not because I haven’t wanted to or that I have run out of material…far from it! And as the fog from my first trimester nausia starts to lift I see a window of opportunity to blog again…for a bit anyway!

If you hadn’t already been aware yes I am expecting our fourth baby! Happy doesn’t begin to cover it really but accurately describes my state of mind currently anyway…if you had asked me a few weeks back I probably would have grunted un-enthusiastically and tugged at your sleeves begging ‘why did I think it was a good idea to put myself through this all over again’! I did suffer a bit with relentless nausia and exhaustion that made me consider the possibility I might be suffering from narcolepsy! Seriously though I think the whole run up to Christmas and fighting a nasty flu bug added to it all…but I am happy to report I feel SOOO much better now and I am back behind the lens and excited about taking some more photos.


At the end of last year I threw a competition to win a family photo shoot. Names were picked from a hat and a wonderful local family won the draw! I was so pleased to invite them for a shoot and we decided on a cold but clear Autumn afternoon at a local beauty spot to take some photos.

Enter the Wilson family and my inspiration for a fourth child (well if I hadn’t already been pregnant at the time they definitely would have given me cause to consider another family member!).

They are The.Beautiful.Family!…gloriously calm and relaxed parents, gorgeous looking children, polite and willing to pose in any obscure position I put them…happy just to go for a walk in the woods with their equally adorable puppy Lily – who excitedly jumped about and stole most of the limelight! – and have me tag along with my camera to document their afternoon. It was so lovely to spend a few hours in their company and reminded me of how much I enjoy this part of my job and what a privilege it is to be included in just a little part of another family’s time together.

Thank-You wonderful Wilson family for letting me take your pictures…I hope to do it again some day! x



IMG_0306 IMG_0358 IMG_0364 IMG_0451 IMG_0410 IMG_0241 IMG_0340 IMG_0287IMG_0497 IMG_0479 IMG_0538

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