Mummy and Me

I will admit that the morning of the Mummy and Me sessions I was a bit disheartened, the weather was miserable and all those hopes of beautiful sun lit photos of mummies and babies playing in the garden disappeared with any blue sky that might have momentarily appeared. It was dark it was raining and I was worried.

But dispite having to play clever games with my camera settings and the odd fire of flash I was so pleased with the way the day turned out. All the lovely children that came along that day were delightful, and my two very good friends Jo and Lucy who helped me plan and put the day together did such a fab job…I am not sure there was one moment when I didn’t see a hand with a steaming mug of tea and a smile. There was non stop chatter and lots of lovely mummies some with little ones and some without who just came to lend there support and make some really generous donations in my Bliss charity tins that I couldn’t help but feel very blessed. And that was before I had even processed my images!

All I can say is that as I had some fantastic subjects to photograph that day so I have put together a little montage of them all…just click on the image below to watch!…. I hope you enjoy it.

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