Personal Work | October Half Term | Surrey Family Photographer

When life gets busy and hectic I’m no different to anyone else.. I just want to pack up and get the hell out.

I remember when I was young growing up in a busy household…8 children all with different needs, my Dad was self employed and under immense pressure to provide not only financially but emotionally and spiritually for us all. At the time I never appreciated what it took to keep us all together and on the right path. Occasionally we would come home from school on a Friday afternoon and he would announce that we were going away for the weekend…we were told to pack one single bag each and get in the car within the hour. The mayhem that ensued was intense. Children rushing everywhere trying to locate various items of clothing from the wash and the more likely the floor of the bedroom as quickly as possible so they could bags the best seat in the car (actually it was a van but that’s a whole other blog post!) – Nobody wanted to sit in the very back or next to my car sick younger sister!!

At the time it was exciting and I loved the spontaneity of it all but I had no comprehension of why my parents did this until I got a bit older and realised this was the only way for them to regroup. By taking us all away, away from the phone, away from the distractions of daily life they could centre and find their soul happy. We would all be together so there was no stress about where we were, who we were with and what we were doing because we were right there with them. We could breathe in each others company and no one had to put on a front. We could just be.

I never appreciated how fleeting the time is that you can actually achieve this. Children grow fast, eventually they will be committed elsewhere or they won’t want to join you on these excursions that you crave in order to get back to your centre. I totally get it now, my children are my centre. They ground me. When I’m with them alone I am at my best.

Like my Dad I like to take them away, take them to places where I can be with them properly and find my soul happy. It does’t happen often but when it does I regenerate and we regroup.

In half term we booked a little weekend away in Camber Sands with close friends… although it wasn’t an exclusive trip for just our family it did involve plenty of time to chill out and just be. The beach backdrop blew the cobwebs away and we had time for a bit of halloween fun too.

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