Almost unbelievably I am approaching the end of my pregnancy…I can see the light at the end of this rather wriggly, uncomfortable tunnel and all at once I am feeling a mixture of sadness, joy, trepidation, anxiety and overwhelming relief.

The nursery is nearly sorted, (I will post a separate blog about that!) and apart from the essentials like nappies I have pretty much all I need, birth pool arrives next week and then all I need to do is wait for this much anticipated little baby girl to enter our world… I am so filled with curiosity at how she will fit into our funny little family, what she will look like..who she will look like, will she be a quiet baby or will she compete with Felix on the volume front? Will she sleep or will I be propping my eyelids open with matchsticks just to stay conscious in the day? The children almost daily now inquire as to when exactly she will be arriving…my reply is now finally…’SOON, quite soon!!’

Despite a slightly bumpy and anxious start this has been a text book pregnancy and I am so very thankful for that…. And the typical last trimester nerves and ridiculous desire to organise and clean have kicked in. This kind of preparation for a baby is completely involuntary….I am finding it hard to sit down without writing a list of what needs to be done whilst spotting yet another part of the room where some form of domestic chore must take place…immediately!

And…it’s not just in my domestic duties that this most likely unnecessary but frenzied behaviour is affecting, it is spilling over into my work. I have finally sent off the last of my photo orders and still I feel the need to archive and sort files out…so much for slowing down and taking a break! So labeling and re naming files has begun, looking back over previous shoots to see what I have missed is a must, adding new material to my website and blog is massively important and editing just those few shots that I had forgotten I had taken is ESSENTIAL in my hormone fuzzled brain!

So during my delving into past files I found this little session…it was a quick 10 minute play in the late sun before bed whilst I was in Wales last year with the children. I absolutely love to come across images of the children exploring and just being themselves. It feels like I have just found some treasure!



IMG_9391 IMG_9394 IMG_9396 IMG_9398 IMG_9403 IMG_9408 IMG_9430IMG_9440 IMG_9437 IMG_9434 IMG_9430 IMG_9427 IMG_9422


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