Oh La La

So another year has passed and my beautiful girl a year older…She’s 9! I can’t believe it and always feel so nostalgic around this time when I remember her being born, the long drawn out labour and the absolute elation when she finally arrived. All the anxieties amidst celebrations that come with new babies. Her perfect little round head – after the weird alien cone like affect from her rather disturbing ventouse delivery had subsided – covered in beautiful fine red hair…She was/is an angel.

This year as she phases out of the ‘I want to wear pink and be a princess’ and into the ‘I’m just going to my room to listen to music on my iPod and FaceTime my friends’- WHAT??- it was a bit tricky to come up with a party theme that fitted her age group, party games and fairy wings are no more so we consulted my goto inspiration zone Pinterest. She decided on an Art Party…perfect. She loves art and crafts and it wasn’t too babyish either.

So we launched into project Lula’s Art Party. The invites were first, we sent out a small water colour paint tin to each guest with their invite inside. We got each girl her own french painters costume complete with red neck scarf, black beret and moustache! There were even sunflowers as a still life at the centre of the table so they could channel their inner Van Gogh!

The mess was bearable and they all really got into the spirit of it, talking with french accents and critiquing one anothers work. Even Chester who was told quite specifically by his big sister ‘not to interfere’ donned an outfit and set about assessing the girls art work.

The cake alone made by the very talented nadine from La Bonne Cuisine was a piece of art…. beautiful chocolate cake with the most fabulous decorations…Tallulah was so excited about it, and quite specific that it took centre space on the desert table!

So one year older and several masterpieces later we have a wonderful 9 yr old who I couldn’t be more proud of and who is already planning her 10th birthday..gulp!

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  1. Looks amazing! Love the way you set it all out for the start of the party and the cake is fabulous. Sophie had a lovely time. Thank you so much for everything.

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