Oh My Darling Clementine!

She is 5 weeks old already! How is that possible?…..  the days and weeks that seem to drag on an eternity whilst you are pregnant suddenly accelerate and race away once a baby has arrived. I already have small collection of clothes that she has outgrown and that just born look is starting to dissolve before my eyes. She is just so precious like this that I would do anything to freeze time for a bit but i know this little one has important growing to do…..So I am very glad that my camera is never that far away and I can preserve these moments in her life.

clementine rose IMG_0964 IMG_0967a IMG_0975 IMG_0976 IMG_0985 IMG_0999 IMG_1005 IMG_1019bw IMG_1030IMG_1035a IMG_1042 IMG_1044IMG_1074 IMG_1070 IMG_1065 IMG_1055bwIMG_1076 IMG_1088aIMG_1085_1

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