Our Summer Holiday {Part 4} – Ireland

So I am writing this entry whilst the rain bashes against the window in my office and the glass is so blurred with raindrops that I can barely make out the garden beyond…I’m going through our holiday photos yearning for those long hazy summer evenings but will have to make do with memories of our wonderful holiday. Once we left Pembrokeshire (read all about it here) the next leg of our journey took us across the Irish Sea.

Across to a magical place called The Burren, you can read about it here

I can not explain how much we look forward to our annual trip to Ireland.

It’s a place for true reflection, where I can clear my head and start to reorganise the jumble that occurs in my brain as the summer term crashes to a close and where the children experience freedom and get to explore until the sun goes down. I love that they have so little to distract them from just being children. We ban the iPad, there is no signal for a phone, and not a chance of a television. It’s back to basics time when the children read, play in the garden and spend hours concentrating hard in their makeshift draughts tournaments. We walk for hours across stunning landscapes and we talk, we talk a lot!

It has become a necessity in our busy lives that we have this special place to regenerate.

Here is a snippet from our adventures….


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