Our Summer Holiday {Part 5} – Last Leg, Wales

This truly is the last post for our summer holiday…I promise.

So the last leg of our Summer break and what seems like a lifetime ago was spent at my Granny’s house in Wales. I have spoken about this place before in a previous blog (read here) it is a place that feels like home. We are surrounded by familiar photos and worn bits of furniture that bare the scars of endless battering by all the children that have spent happy times there.

Generally in the corner of the lounge my Gran sits in her fancy new all singing all dancing chair cradling a cup of coffee, she is watching the children playing on the floor, she smiles occasionally. Her hearing is not what it used to be so she can quite happily sit amongst the noisiest of children and be completely unaffected….which is just as well as believe me mine are very loud!

The weather was not the best for our stay so we hung out with my sister and met the newest member of our ever expanding family, baby Remy! ….and took a few trips to a few local places. Nothing spectacular but all the while perfect. There may not have been endless days at the beach and we certainly weren’t sitting around a pool on a sun lounger…in fact we seldom had any use for suncream for our ‘summer’ holiday but even so it was a throughly wonderful time away and we have some really special memories to boot.



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