Prim and Proper!


So last year the last of my sisters to become a Mummy did so…and she did so in such style. None of this 3 day labour, in and out of the maternity unit, epidurals and episiotomes…no, no, no. Dulcie was very focussed when it came to organising her birth experience and was determined to have her baby at home and so she did!

I had my last baby at home and it was by far the best experience of all of my four. It just made so much sense to me to be at home where I felt safe and secure and comfortable. I didn’t have the noises and distractions of machines and other activity and my 2 midwives – yes 2! – had no other patients to distract them either so while I focussed on the baby they focussed on me. The whole time.

I chose the music, I had a birthing pool, I had certain level of control that I never felt with the others and I’m convinced that is why my labour was so smooth. Labour hurts, no matter what you do..pain is a given but how you cope with that pain is what will determine the length of your labour and amount of intervention.

Little baby Primrose arrived after less than 12 hours of labour, which for a first baby is pretty awesome…and she came out as beautiful as her mummy!

Now most of my newborn sessions take place in my home studio in Leatherhead however as my sister lives about 3 hours away I didn’t expect her to come all that way with her little bundle so I stuffed my gear into the car and flew up to Cardiff to meet my new little niece! All 7lb 1oz of her was utterly perfect and so worth the drive!

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