Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails…..

That’s what little boys are made of….. That and mischief, noise, mess and FUN!

When I had Tallulah I was lulled into a false sense of security about raising children…She was without blowing my own trumpet – but I will – pretty perfect! She slept well, she ate well, she went to bed on time without a fuss, she was toilet trained at 2, she was talking at 11 months for goodness sake and meanwhile I was giving myself the biggest pat on the back ever! I then became pregnant again and before our 20 week scan my husband and I spoke about whether we would like another girl or a boy…we both decided based on Tallulah that another girl would be perfect. That settled that and we set off for a scan to tell us that actually we would be introducing a little boy into the family. I was ecstatic until the unhelpful advice of veteran mothers of boys started to creep in…. ‘Just you wait’ I was frequently told ‘Boys are sooooo different’. Well yes they are. But so what! Chester was a chilled out little chap and a dream baby, again rather a lot of self congratulation was going on…. that was until he started to walk! Slowly I was starting to understand what all the fuss was about. This child could not sit still! His brain works faster than his body and his constant desire for all toys of mass destruction is I will admit a little unnerving however he is just

So now I have 2 little chaps running through my house squealing and shouting and shooting one another with whatever item they can grab and turn into a gun. There is A LOT of mess and chaos but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A little while back my sister asked me to do a photo shoot for her lovely friend Rachel who was expecting baby no.4…I was already in awe. Baby no. 4 also turned out to be boy no.4 too…Impressed much?!

A few weeks ago I met her and her husband Chris and their 4 lovely boys. The activity was frenetic and their chatter was enchanting. Baby Alex took it all in his stride as his 3 older brothers tugged him and fought to have there picture taken with him.. while I spent a lovely few hours being thoroughly entertained by the most gorgeous and funny little men ever. I’m not denying having boys has its challenges and there are frequently times when I feel like handing mine over to the nearest passer by but their energy is captivating and the lust for life can not be ignored…and if you can hack the pace I thoroughly recommend you get yourself some!!!


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  1. Abigail I so look forward to reading your blogs! I for one am looking forward to every moment of watching my baby boy grow up. If he is even the tiniest bit as entertaining as your two delicious little Fahey boys I will be one very happy lady! xx

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