Our Summer Holiday {Part 3} – Irish Landscape

I’m not much of a landscape photographer… Portraits are my thing really. I love to capture an expression, a moment, a look, a memory, but every year when we take the children to Ireland on holiday I can’t help but try and capture this most unique and wonderful scenery.

We stay in a fascinating region called The Burren….it is a bit like landing on the moon. Huge stone boulders litter the landscape and the most stunning wild floral arrangements proudly cover every patch of green. Lush moss covered trees and stunning ferns carpet the forests and the most incredible display of cloud formations create the most magnificent sunsets. It is truly breathtaking and every time we visit we see a different vista that draws us in and we are captivated once more.

This beautifully peaceful area forces you to slow down, exhale and just be…This place is exactly what we need as a family to regenerate and relax and every time we come we fall just a little bit more in love with it and the memories it holds.

This place is special.

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