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Personal Work | October Half Term | Surrey Family Photographer

When life gets busy and hectic I’m no different to anyone else.. I just want to pack up and get the hell out. I remember when I was young growing up in a busy household…8 children all with different needs, my Dad was self employed and under immense pressure to provide not only financially but Read More

Dulcie and Rich Engagement

I feel weird

I feel a bit weird…like I’m walking around in a bit of a daze. I’m not entirely sure what I want or when I want it but I know something has shifted. Last week I went to meet an awesome photographer by the name of Jonas Peterson. His work is incredible and his outlook on Read More


Our Summer Holiday {Part 5} – Last Leg, Wales

This truly is the last post for our summer holiday…I promise. So the last leg of our Summer break and what seems like a lifetime ago was spent at my Granny’s house in Wales. I have spoken about this place before in a previous blog (read here) it is a place that feels like home. We Read More