I’m writing this post on the eve of my eldest daughters birthday. Tomorrow at precisely 6.49 in the evening she will become a teenager and it is making me somewhat uneasy.

Uneasy because I am standing on a precipice of what a lot of parents of teenagers that I know have led me to believe is Doom! Am I ready for the door slamming, name calling, ignoring, grunting, grumping, hormonal freak outs, spot cream, curfews, shopping frenzies, instagram comas, snapchat, cyber bullying and detentions? And that’s just me!….😂

Seriously though it’s all scary stuff… And as a parent I only have my own experiences of being a teenager to go on, which she frequently reminds me was a long, long time ago!

So far my even tempered, helpful, beautiful, happy and gregarious red head has been nothing but delightful and I pray she remains that way…that her teenage years don’t shroud her with self doubt and confusion, that she can navigate her way through this complicated period of her life relatively unscathed and ready for adulthood. I pray I don’t lose her to all the hazards of growing up and the realisation that life can sometimes really suck. I pray I have taught her enough to know her own mind and have a deep enough sense of self worth and empathy for others that she is able to make the right decisions even when she knows they may be unpopular with her peers. I pray she is not overwhelmed by the pressure of academic success and is happy to continue being creative and enthusiastic in her learning journey. I pray she will never feel that the way she looks should have any bearing on how others feel about her. I pray she doesn’t feel that she needs to fit in or conform to any stereotype or fashionable behaviour. I pray the heavy weight of becoming an adult doesn’t mishape her carefree attitude. I pray she has uncomplicated relationships and friends and learns what is to find true kinship.

Most of all I pray she remains the sensitive, empathetic, generous, kind hearted and free spirited young lady she has been for the last 12 years and 364 days that I have so far been so  incredibly lucky to have shared with her.

Tomorrow morning I will be the mother of a teenager. God help me…. seriously!

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