The Camping Bug!

So my blog posts are all out of whack and I have a whole stack of holiday images I am desperate to share however I couldn’t resist blogging about our latest little adventure…. Last weekend we had a few birthdays to celebrate, my husbands being one of them…he’s particularly difficult to buy for and there are only so many pairs of golf trousers a man can have – he would probably disagree with that but still – so I racked my brains for an idea for an original gift.

We were due in Cardiff for my sister Dulcie’s birthday that weekend anyway so whatever I thought of had to incorporate a drive and an overnight stay. That was when my light bulb moment came

…A Camper Van! Yes, a lovely VW, old school, pop the roof up, camper van! Lovely Lovely. I did a bit of research and finally found Brown Cow Campers and booked Billy for the weekend.

Whilst Adam and I were travelling around Australia just after we got married one of our most memorable times was driving along The Great Ocean road in a hired camper van…we drove and then stopped whenever we felt like it, the sense of freedom was wonderful, we camped in various campsites to stay in overnight, drank wine from plastic tumblers and left before breakfast so we could park up somewhere and cook a full breakfast staring out at the most magnificent seascape we had ever seen. I wanted to rekindle a bit of that feeling…that was my gift. Billy the camper van took a bit of getting used to and I must admit I had a mild internal panic attack when I picked him up, he was left hand drive, no power steering and only 4 gears….gulp! But he was so so pretty. So I put on my big girl pants and I got in and drove home to one rather bemused husband and 3 very excited children – I should say here that Clemmie was being looked after for the weekend and would have been excited too had she understood what was going on!

We packed up and left on a rather hairy journey via the M4 to Cardiff…it took twice as long as we had anticipated – I’m not sure Sat Navs allow for bug buses when they calculated the journey ETA – but none the less by the time we reached the campsite the children were still super excited…especially about sleeping on the bunk!! The campsite was basic and we managed to get the children to bed relatively quickly. We then in true nostalgic style decanted a rather expensive bottle of red wine into 2 plastic wine glasses and toasted the weekend.

The next morning we woke and I use the term lightly as sleep was fairly non existent thanks to a rather loud snorer in the tent next to us and it was a bit drizzly and dull, we decided to do as we had done all those years ago in Australia..we packed up and drove somewhere to cook our breakfast whilst taking in a breathtaking seascape… we weren’t disappointed! Now I don’t know much about the welsh coast line and I was dubious about whether we would find somewhere to rival our previous experiences but I was wrong…we discovered the most beautiful beach that was pretty much deserted when we arrived apart from a few early morning runners and the odd seagull. The side van door slid back and revealed a glorious vista and whilst Adam and I whipped up some poached eggs and waffles, the children started to explore the amazing rock pools before us.

It was wonderful to reminisce and what was better was that we could still achieve that feeling nearly 12 years on! IMG_6810

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