The Circus has come to town!

I happen to think I am one very privileged lady, not just because I have a wonderful husband and 3 beautiful children but because I have an unusually large family whom I love dearly and who seem to be ever increasing…

I love that whenever someone asks me about my family my answer leaves their jaws dropping followed by the inevitable ‘wow, your poor brother!’ or ‘How did your mum cope?’… I always reply, ‘Actually my brother got a pretty good deal, he had his own bedroom and never had to share the bathroom!’ And as for my mum…well yes it is a fairly amazing feat – my 3 keep me busy enough – but she always said..’well I didn’t have you all at the same time!’

I am one of 8 you see. I’m the third eldest…I have one older sister ( not that she looks it mind!) and one older brother and 5 younger sisters!!

I am utterly proud of this. We are a very close family and not a day goes by when I don’t have some kind of contact with at least one of my siblings. My parents have taught us to look out for one another and cherish each other…and we do!

So as you can imagine as we have all grown up and had families of our own our family continues to grow…this week we celebrated the imminent arrival of yet another cousin…No. 20!

My gorgeous sister Amanda is due to have her 3rd baby in a few short weeks and to mark this very special occasion we decided to throw her a shower. This baby could not be more loved and will make his way into the most caring and loving family… and I for one can.not.wait!!!

5 thoughts on “The Circus has come to town!

  1. Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love your entire family so much too! I love that you all make up majority of mine! Here’s a cheers for the more babies to come! 😉

  2. Brought tears to my eyes reading this. Love you so much, and miss you every day. I am so proud of all my lovely children and my grandchildren. xx

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