When Irish eyes are Smiling

Ireland is a special place for us. Every Summer we take a trip to my husbands parents cottage in the middle of a place called The Burren, Co.Galway. The scenery is amazing, the quiet is intense and dare I say it off putting and it is so remote the roads have grass is growing in the middle of them. Whoever you meet will nod and wave whilst you pass, and even though it looks like there is no one around its amazing how quickly people can all turn up if they know there is a function going on! This year was a particularly special trip, our first visit without ‘ Papa’ – my father in law who sadly passed away a few months back. Tough for my husband and tougher for Nana. Every room in the cottage has a bit of him there, he practically rebuilt it and so everywhere you look you see his  project and his handiwork . The sadness is almost stifling but there are so many wonderful memories there too that for the children is the best part of remembering him, the makeshift wooden train he made from a trolley and attached a bell to and the ritual that he introduced before bedtime involving cut up pieces of apple beside the fire with a story…these are there for them too and that is really special. There is no phone signal, no tv, no internet…just fresh air and peace and as a family we really needed that this summer.

For me its a great chance to stop and think and of course take photos… and I did. Hundreds of them and as with every visit I come home and get so involved in projects that are outstanding or needing attention that I rarely get an opportunity to look through them let alone process and edit them. This year is no different except for the fact that this year with my lovely new camera I also spent a bit of time practicing with the video feature!! Now I am no film maker and I am fully aware that the capabilities of the video function on this baby are worthy of better use but for now I have attempted to preserve just a few of those special memories of this years visit in a moving picture….and I’m inspired to do more.

Please click on the image to view our little holiday in Ireland…..

Our Summer Holiday in Ireland

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