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So despite what my instagram feed may have suggested about our epic family adventure across Ireland I can tell you it was sadly not quite as fun as we had hoped. The almost non stop rain the whole time we were away created an extra dimension to our break which when you are stuck in a motorhome with 4 children was not always easy to manage.

To say it put a bit of a dampener (see what I did there!) on proceedings and our one and only family holiday this year is putting it lightly.

Our daily task of trying to find something to do that didn’t involve extended draughts tournaments and endless games of snap was exhausting to say the least. The ‘sun setting over the mountains’ type photos I had dreamed of taking were a distant dream at that and a my new challenge became trying produce a set of holiday images that focussed on the little pockets of fun we struggled to achieve. I succeeded in so much as I have a ton of holiday images that I am currently ploughing through (together with several overdue client galleries) that I will undoubtedly share at some point but if you want to really challenge your photography skills it is definitely trying to find the best light around in spite of torrential downpour.

At my mother in laws cottage in The Burren on the West of Ireland there are several out buildings that would have once been used for various farming equipment storage. The children were playing in one of these one day when the heavens opened for the millionth time and we were all temporarily stranded until it stopped. I was armed with my camera and the children were trapped… They had no where to run and nowhere to hide…Haha…Instant family photo session!!

Now don’t misunderstand me..I love Ireland, I truly do, its a magical place to visit. I just wish I could have seen more of it through my sunglasses and less through the rain drenched windscreen of our ridiculously huge camper van!


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